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I started with my VFP to MYSQL conversion in earnest at the end of December. To keep the cost down until I know what I am doing I am using the GA version 5.1.43 and now WORKBENCH to do my development. Actually initially I used the 5.0 Administrator and Query which worked fine but did not have any supports for triggers. Workbench 5.1.18 frustrated me for many reasons so I started to use the Beta of 5.2 which in my opinion is better but still a Beta. Trying to help to improve I filed about 20 or so bug reports and got into email conversations with the developers.

In course of that I mentioned the process of converting from VFP (Visual Foxpro) to MYSQL and I was asked to Blog about my experiences with that and feed it to Planet MySQL. Starting to read Planet MySQL I must say that I am probably an oddity here as there does not seem to be any VFP people here. For that reason I also fed and anounced my Blog to some VFP boards and feeds. I even got picked up by a PHP blog for reasons I dont know. In the VFP community the response was quite positive an some discussions, comments and email were exchanged

As for Planet MySQL. Well I got some thumbs up and some thumbs down and what bothers me is that I do not know why. Maybe there are some comments somewhere but personally I find a thumbs up or down quite useless if not accompanied by a comment.

Why is a particular blog good? what was the good point(s)?

Whis is it bad. Is it inapropriate here, poorly written? Is the procedure outlined within that particular blog flawed? Is there a better way?

As things keep changing we all are learning so we all can benefit from some advice and some help to stay or get on the right course.

So I apreachiate the votes because it means that someone at least read it. But I would really like to get a note on why its up or especially down. My goal is to become better and to have this blog here to be my contribution and hopefully become a one stop place for anyone facing the task to switch from VFP to MYSQL. So if there is a better way then please by all means drop me a note

Hoping to see some comments from here

Martin Pirringer

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7 Responses to “Planet MySQL, Voting and My Blog”

  1. Brian Moon says:

    I can tell you that I personally ignored this last post because I had no idea what VFP stood for. If I had realized it was Visual Fox Pro, I would have said “people still use that thing?” I quit using that in 1995. Heh, of course I started using MySQL in 1997.

  2. Mark Callaghan says:

    I too did not know what VFP was. I like your posts even if the content isn’t for me. (I don’t work on the same problems). You provide lots of detail and the content is written after you spend a lot of time working on problems. Those are great ways to get content for a post.

  3. Shlomi Noach says:

    Please continue publishing whatever content you have. If it’s relevant to MySQL, and contains actual content, it should be on the planet.

    I cannot testify for the reasons people may have voted down you post. Perhaps they found it wrong, irrelevant, boring, too long, too short, too slow to load, requires login, politically incorrect, politically correct, opinionated, having a default WordPress theme… What have you.

    You are absolutely correct that if someone finds a fault in the post, and fails to comment, then his/her voting down is obfuscated. (This does not make them wrong)

    Browsing through the planet I see posts of your getting one thumb up and one thumb down. Please do not draw conclusions from a single thumb down.

    There are perfectly valid blog posts which got more than 10 thumbs down. Their authors are still writing.

    Perhaps this post will make this clearer for you, and hopefully cheer you up.


  4. admin says:

    Don’t worry – I wont let a few thumbs down keep me from posting when I got something to say. As you said – there could be many reasons.,,,

    Thanks for the replies

  5. Henrik Ingo says:

    While I did not read your previous posts, on a quick glance some may have looked like VFP is some product you sell and blog about. So knowing what VFP stands for is certainly helpful :-) That could explain some negtive votes. (I did not vote either way.)


  6. Gerry says:

    I wouldn’t worry about the thumbs down. I only use them when the article as an obvious sales pitch with no technical content, which doesn’t seem your case. Most of the time I can’t understand myself why do other articles get them.


  7. Stary says:

    What about licenses for MySql?
    Is MySql free to use with VFP or should we buy some license for it?

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